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Rohingya crisis essay

📚 Free Essay Example - Essay on Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar The Rohingyas Refugee Crisis: A Regional and International The Rohingyas Refugee Crisis: A Regional and International The Rohingyas Refugee Crisis: A Regional and International The Rohingya crisis is a massive exodus that is currently happening and we need a solution for the Rohingya to settle in a region in peace before this crisis gets any worse. The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group living mainly in Myanmar, but Myanmar is denying their citizenship and are restricted from freedom, education, travelling, and are more content The Rohingya are an ethnic minority group, the majority of them being Muslim, who have lived for centuries in the majority Buddhist country of Myanmar. There are approximately 1.1 million Rohingya who lives in the country. Yet, they are not considered one of the state’s 135 official ethnic groups and have been denied citizenship in Myanmar since. The Rohingya issue is one of the world humanitarian crisis of Muslim refugees. Around 450,000 Muslim people have been displaced in their homes in Myanmar and have since they dispersed in Bangladesh. There are those refugees who have settled along the Bangladesh and Myanmar border while others have settled in several regions. Though the Rohingyas have been coming to Bangladesh since the 70s, a massive influx happened during 1991-1992. Among those who arrived in the early nineties, 33,148 are living in Nayapara and Kutupalong camps in Cox’sBazar managed by the UN Refugee Recent Influx.

Afresh killing and torture of the Rohingyas started in Myanmar from 25 August, 2017. A group of Rohingya men were accused of raping a Buddhist women. Rohingya homes were burnt by Buddhist nationalists. Around 280 of them were kille and more than thousands of people were displaced. About 2,528 houses were burned, out of which 1,336 belonged to Rohingyas and 1,192 belonged to Rakhines. Rohingya Issue Paragraph: The Rohingya people are a stateless Indo-Aryan-speaking from the Rakhine state of Myanmar. They are the minority group of Myanmar. The majority of Rohingya are Muslim & the minority are Hindu. The army of Myanmar had attacked them. There are approximately 1 million people who lived in Rakhine before the recent crisis. This is the root cause of the Rohingya refugee crisis, and this problem has to be tackled quickly in order to prevent the loss of lives of more innocent Rohingya. The Rohingya are currently being persecuted in their countries because of their ethnicity, which is evident from how Myanmar denies them citizenship, freedom to travel, or any access to education due to the. ROHINGYA CRISIS: INDIAN PERCEPTION India has been a home for hundreds of thousands of refugees since decades. Refugees in India are looked upon as more opportune than its own citizens sometimes. India has been benevolent in welcoming refugees in addition to the presence of 120,000 Tibetan refugees, settled in different parts of India.

Rohingya people The Rohingya people are a stateless Indo-Aryan ethnic group who predominantly follow Islam and reside in Rakhine State, Myanmar. Before the Rohingya genocide in 2017, when over 740,000 fled to Banglad

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Rohingya crisis essay

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